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Every manufacture has different warranties for their products.  Please contact us for specific warranty information.

Here is some specific warranty information from some of our manufactures.



    1. What does the Homecrest Outdoor Living residential warranty cover?
            • Aluminum and steel frames are covered from structural failures for 15 years from date of purchase.

            • The warranty on painted frame surfaces covers against peeling, flaking or blistering for a period of five years.

            • Solid surface tabletops (excluding glass & acrylic) are warranted against structural failures, finish cracks and blisters for three years when used in a residential setting.

            • Vinyl strapping is warranted for three years from discoloration or breakage.

            • Glider bearing hangers are warranted for three years against failure.

            • The fabrics used on our cushions, slings and umbrellas are warranted for two years against tearing, discoloration or fading when maintained per the recommended care and maintenance instructions

            • The warranty of the finish on coiled steel spring rocker mechanisms, plastic parts, flex plates, glides, swivel inserts, metal umbrellas, cords and umbrella bases is for one year from the date of purchase when maintained per the recommended care and maintenance instructions.

        2. What doesn't the Homecrest Outdoor Living residential warranty cover?
                • Failure caused by misuse or lack of appropriate care and maintenance of the products. Refer to the general maintenance and cleaning instructions.

                • Damage caused by caustic chemicals and/or power washers.

                • Glass and acrylic table tops.

                • Normal fading of fabrics, straps and painted surfaces.

                • Bursting and cracking of tubing and extrusion caused by exposure to moisture and freezing temperatures.

                • Damage caused by "acts of nature".

                • Return freight after one year.

                • Set replacement or replacement beyond failed product.

                • Salt water exposure – Due to the demands of salt air, weekly cleaning and quarterly waxing of painted surfaces must be maintained to prevent finish blisters and corrosion. Failure to carefully follow our care and maintenance instructions will void the warranty.

          3. What is the policy as it relates to freight shipping?

          All Homecrest Outdoor Living furniture is delivered to the carrier in factory new condition. Claims for damage or losses that occur during shipping must be noted at the time of delivery and filed with the carrier.



          Windward Design Group® offers the following commercial warranty to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. Photos may be required to file a claim.  This commercial warranty does not apply to beach rentals.


          Windward Design Group® warrants all aluminum frames against defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years from original date of purchase. Cast table tops and cast table base skirts are warranted for three (3) years against manufacturing defects.  If your frame fails structurally during normal use, Windward will repair or replace (at the manufacturer’s discretion) the frame with the same product at no charge. If the product or frame finish has been discontinued, a similar item will be used. This includes labor during the first twelve (12) months. Note: Glide replacement is a necessary function in maintaining the furniture and should be accomplished on an annual basis, or more frequently, depending on the level of usage. Replacement glides are available for purchase from Windward.  Many of our sling dining chairs require additional bracing (i.e. bolt thru) to be warranted for commercial use.  Please refer to the Windward Contract catalog and price list for more information on which collections this applies to.

          Wicker Furniture

          Wicker aluminum frames are warranted for five (5) years against defects in materials and workmanship. The resin wicker is warranted for three (1) years against discoloration and breakage. Glass table tops that come standard with wicker tables are not covered in this warranty.

          Marine Grade Polymer

          All marine grade polymer furniture frames and tabletops are warranted for five (5) years against material defects, discoloration or cracking and are warranted for one (1) year against workmanship and structural failure.

          Vinyl Straps

          Windward Design Group® warrants vinyl straps against breakage and rivet failure for three (3) years. Not covered is damage resulting from suntan lotions, bleach, solvents, strong chemicals, or the natural fading and normal wear and tear.

          Power Coated Frame Finishes
          The powder coated frame finishes on all Windward furniture frames and table bases are warranted against cracking, peeling, or blistering for five (5) years. Cast aluminum table tops are warranted against cracking, peeling, or blistering for a period of one (1) year. Not covered is damage caused by the use of  pressure washers, abrasive cleaners, bleach or other harmful chemicals. Natural fading and wear and tear from normal usage is expected and is not covered in this warranty.  Minor variations in color and texture of finishes is not covered under this warranty.

          Slings, Padded Slings, Cushions, Umbrellas and Pillows

          Slings, padded slings, cushions, umbrellas and pillows are warranted for one (1) year from date of original purchase against manufacturing defects.  This includes the fabric/sewing integrity and cushion/pad fill.  Fading and or stretching resulting from normal usage are not covered by this warranty.  Umbrella frames are warranted for one (1) year against manufacturing defects.  Umbrella cord breakage on crank umbrellas is not covered.

          Table Tops

          Punched aluminum, marine grade polymer, and acrylic table tops are warranted for one (1) year against warping.  (Full marine grade polymer table top warranty can be found in Marine Grade Polymer section of this warranty.) Cast table tops and cast table base skirts are warranted for three (3) years against manufacturing defects.  (See Powder Coated Frame Finishes section for cast and punched aluminum finish warranty.)


          What Is Not Covered:

                          • Breakage, chipping, scratching of Punched Aluminum, Fiberglass, Glass, Acrylic and Faux Stone table tops.  (Faux Stone table tops are hand finished and no two tops are alike.  Differences in color saturation and shade are expected.)

                          • Failure caused by fire, freight damage or acts of nature (such as, not limited to, freezing, high winds or animal defecation)

                          • Damage caused by suntan oil, bleach or any other abrasive cleaners or chemicals. See care & maintenance for appropriate cleaning.

                          • Unreasonable or abusive usage, see Care & Maintenance on how to properly maintain furniture.

                          • Scratched or chipped paint due to abuse (touch-up paint is available)

                          • Minor variations in color and texture of frame finishes

                          • Normal wear and tear

                          • Mildew or fading of fabric, frame finish or vinyl straps

                          • Repairs made by any party other than authorized Windward personnel.

                          • Furniture glides and end caps. Glide replacement is a necessary function in maintaining furniture. Replacement glides are available for purchase.

                          • Umbrella bases

                          • Moving components (i.e.: fiberglass spring plates and glider arms)

                          • Any shipping costs & labor regarding warranty claims after one (1) year.




          Items manufactured by Eagle One Products carry a 12 month warranty. Applicable product warranties and limitations are provided on labels or operator and parts manuals, depending on the product type. Eagle One Products associates are not authorized to make any representations or give any additional warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding products.




          Suncoast provides a 15 year warranty on frames and a 5 year warranty on vinyl straps and frame finishes for residential use and a 5 year warranty on frames and a 5 year warranty on vinyl straps and frame finishes for commercial use.




          Product Warranties

          Limited Commercial Warranty Contract Furnishings

          What is Covered?

          This warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship when used, maintained, and stored under normal commercial use. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of those products or parts of products which Grosfillex finds and accepts as defectively manufactured during the warranty period, at no cost to the original owner.

          What is not Covered?

          This warranty does not extend to goods which have been damaged, altered, abused, misused, or repaired after leaving Grosfillex facilities, or which have been repaired or otherwise in any manner outside of such facilities, unless previously authorized in writing by Grosfillex.

          Who does this apply to?

          This warranty applies to the original buyer from the date of purchase.

          What are your responsibilities for normal care?

          Use the product as intended and observe all safety warnings. Follow Grosfillex recommended maintenance instructions. Keep the product clean using water and mild detergent.

          How long is the warranty period?

          The warranty period runs for three years from the date you purchased your Grosfillex chairs, barstools, chaise lounges, and patio fencing; for two years for molded melamine tabletops and table bases; and one year for all other products.

          What will Grosfillex do?

          Grosfillex will replace product under warranty in a quantity prorated to the remainder of the duration of the original warranty period. In the event that the exact model of the defective product is unavailable, Grosfillex will replace it with a comparable product. Replacement products or parts of products are warranted only for the remainder of the duration of the original warranty.

          How can you get service?

          Take the defective product and dated sales receipt or other proof of purchase to the distributor where you purchased it; or, send a photograph of the defective product, a copy of the dated sales receipt, and a summary of the problem to: Grosfillex CSS Department, 230 Old West Penn Ave. Robesonia, PA 19551 Warranty Hotline Phone: 800.233.3186 Ext. 5910 • Fax: 800.300.7120